Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Are There Female Demons?
If Adam had sex with a demon or demons, does that mean there are female demons?The female demon Lilith (Hebrew לילית), a.k.a. Lillith or Lilit, is the only female demon in the Bible. She is mentioned only once in Isaiah 34:14. The figure of Lilith first appeared in a class of wind and storm demons or spirits as Lilitu, in Sumer, circa 3000 BC.Originally, Lilith was part of the pagan worship of Babylonian and Canaanite religions. Many scholars place the origin of the phonetic name "Lilith" at somewhere around 700 BC. She was a female storm demon associated with wind. She was regarded as a bearer of disease, illness, and death. Later, she was incorporated into the religion of the ancient Israel. The Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible refers to Lilith as a "Night Hag." According to legend, Lilith seduced men and terrified children at night. Later Jewish sources claimed she was Adam's first wife, created at the same time as Adam. However, since she was unwilling to submit to Adam, Lilith was banished from Eden. Then, according to legend, Eve became Adam's second wife. Some feminists have adopted her as a heroine. However, most translations, such as the King James Version (KJV), simply refer to her as a "screech owl."

Lilit is mentioned by name in The Hebrew Names Version, which is based off the World English Bible, an update of the American Standard Version of 1901:

The wild animals of the desert shall meet with the wolves, and the wild goat shall cry to his fellow; yes, the "Lilit" shall settle there, and shall find her
a place of rest.